recent halloween costumes of David Young

Okay, I admit: Pabst Blue Ribbon and the Old Bay Crab are not a real food icons -- I made them up. But making giant rubbery claws out of plastic wrap, Amazing Goop, and acrylic paint was just too fun to pass up! Toucan Sam had a head made from a batting helmet and fiberglass from a car and boat repair kit. I bought the stuff for the Karzai costume in Uzbekistan and Chinese Turkestan, whitening my specially-grown beard with condensed Mylanta. I made all the other costumes myself, typically by buying stuff fabric store and putting it together with a hot glue gun. Making Mr. Peanut, my most ambitious effort, was more than I bargained for. For Colonel Sanders, getting a 1970s-style historic chicken bucket was tricky -- it required researching old wacky-pack stickers and spending a few hours with with a photo editor! You'd think such an effort would earn me the right to have my wife start referring to me as "The Colonel", but tragically, that hasn't happened.

Major crisis: I'm running out of food icons for Halloween costumes! Do you have any good ideas? I need a well-known food icon where I don't have to cover my face with a mask like the Pillsbury Dough Boy or the Kool-Aid Pitcher, or offend everybody by dressing up as a black woman (Mrs. Butterworth).

TBD (2021)


Zatarain's Crab Boil (2019)

Wonder Bread (2018)

Cracker Jack (2017)

Trojan Warrior (2016)

Washington Dollar (2015)

Captain White's Seafood City (2014)

State of Maryland (2013)

Natty Boh (2012)

I'm Just a Bill (2011)

The Generalissimo (2010)

Pabst Blue Ribbon (2009)

Old Bay Crab (2008)

Toucan Sam (2007)

Chef Boyardee (2006)

Mr. Peanut (2005)

Colonel Sanders (2003)

Jolly Green Giant (2004)

Afghan Pres. Hamid Karzai (2002)

Pope David I (1995,2001)

The Hamburgler (2000)

Cap'n Crunch (1999)