India 2003
There are abundant sights in this chaotic country, and many of them are best viewed after sunset.

Central Asia 2002
Sites of spectacular Islamic architecture dot the southern fringe of the former Soviet empire.

Dominican Republic 2002 (coming soon)
Beautiful beaches, Latin rythms, and the oldest city in the New World.

Courmayeur 2002
This beautiful village and ski area is a great weekend getaway in the Italian Alps.

Guatemala & Honduras 2001
The highlands of Guatemala and the nearby ruins of Copan in Honduras offer a wide variety of attractions to visitors.

Oaxaca 2000
This southern Mexican state is a refreshingly laid back and undeveloped. It has fantastic beaches, inexpensive prices, and world-class handicrafts.

Belize & Guatemala 2000
Less than a day's bus and ferry ride from the lost Mayan city of Tikal is the beautiful and relaxing island of Caye Caulker.

Peru 1999
The Incan ruins of Machu Piccu are the main draw to Peru. The southern desert with its oases, ancient lines, and interesting wildlife add variety to the trip.

Cambodia 1998
Find out about the arduous journey to get to the famed Angkor Wat -- the most beautiful temple in the world.

Sri Lanka 1998
Pristine beaches, colonial architecture and wildlife are the highlights of Sri Lanka. Plus, it's India light!

Round the World 2001
Why take two weeks vaction like most Americans when you can take three months and go all the way around the planet!

Mozambique 2001
This picturesque and surreal Portuguese-built city of Maputo is emerging from ruins after decades of war.

Cape Town 2001 (coming soon)
Natural beauty and a strong Dollar make Cape Town a fantastic bargain. Just try to overlook the razor wire.

Papua New Guinea 2001 (coming soon)
On the far frontier of international tourism, Papua New Guinea is a wild land of fascinating tribes, dive resorts, and World War II history.

Easter Island 2001 (coming soon)
Stunning volcanic landscapes. Fascinating ruins. Powdery-white beaches. What more could make you visit the most isolated place on earth?

Chile 2001 (coming soon)
Visiting Valparaiso, the beautiful seaside city of castles and mansions, is like travelling to the nineteenth century.

New Caledonia 2001 (coming soon)
Melanesian culture and French cuisine provide the perfect contrasts for enjoying this South Pacific paradise rarely visited by Americans.