David G. Young
434 6th St., NE
Washington, DC 20002



Software development leadership position at a small private-sector organization with a high-energy, goal-oriented culture in downtown Washington, DC or Arlington, VA.



Jan. 2006-

Revolution Health Group, Washington, DC
Software Engineering Architect / Manager

Led development of integration infrastructure using SOAP-based external services, JSON-RPC and REST internal services, and a Microsoft Biztalk integration server with code written in C#. Wrote AJAX client applications in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript using ActiveRecord, ActiveResource, and MySQL databases.

Managed development of a large-scale internet search system based on Lucene, Java, Hibernate, MySQL, XFire and Spring on a Linux/Tomcat platform. Set up a web crawler based on the Heritrix platform to continually index hundreds of health sites. Tracked software changes with Subversion. Http://

Supervised a team of ten developers in an extremely fast-paced startup environment while doing hands-on work part-time. Used agile software development methods including sprints, burn-down charts, product backlogs, and two-week release cycles. Recruited employees, conducted reviews, and presented regular progress updates to upper management.

Supervised a team of ten developers in an extremely fast-paced startup environment while doing hands-on work part-time. Used agile software development methods including sprints, burn-down charts, product backlogs, and releases every two weeks or less. Recruited employees, conducted regular reviews, and presented regular progress updates to upper management.

June 2005-

Art Mart, Omaha, NE
Senior Software Consultant (Part Time)
Built a custom e-commerce site for a retail framing shop using C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server. Integrated with third party web services including, Amazon S3, and Lieberman using SOAP and RESTful protocols. Designed databases, developed web pages, and Developed ETL software in C# to regularly update a product catalog of over 200,000 items, and register product pages with search engines and product search sites.

Oct. 2004-Dec. 2005

Psynapse Technologies, Washington, DC
Director of Software Development / Senior Software Engineer
Managed development of a web-based terrorism prediction system based on advanced text processing and neural networks. Supervised a team of four developers while doing hands-on work half-time.

Wrote prediction software using C++, Java, JNI, JSPs, XSLTs, Struts, Swing, SQLite and PostgreSQL for a Linux/Apache Tomcat platform. Wrote software for an employee recruiting system using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and IIS. Tracked software using CVS and Bugzilla server products. Designed system architecture using UML documents.

Presented design reviews, managed project requirements and schedules, created cost estimates, recruited employees and conducted employee reviews.

Dec. 2003-
Sep. 2004

World Bank, Washington, DC
Independent Consultant / Senior Software Engineer

Served as lead developer on a financial project, mentoring two new Java developers while coordinating the efforts of two others. Developed system used JSPs, Struts, Tiles, and Common Controls. Designed and developed an industry standard workflow engine as a web service using Java, SOAP, XML, Apache Axis and JAXB. Created Use Cases and UML diagrams using TogetherSoft. Developed code using Websphere Studio and deployed it on a Sun Solaris machine with Websphere Application Server. Created workflow processes for financial applications tracking bonds and derivatives.

Aug. 2001-
Dec. 2003

Software Performance Systems, Arlington, Virginia
System Architect / Senior Software Engineer
Served as architect and technical lead for a team of 12 developers designing a distributed case management system for all federal prosecutors around the country. Designed the system in UML using Rational Rose, and developed code using Java, EJBs, CMP Entity Beans, Oracle 9i, BEA Weblogic, iPlanet Web Server, LDAP, JSP Taglibs and Apache Struts. Built a prototype bug tracking system using IIS, ASP and MS Access. Designed software components using UML and Rational Rose.

Jan. 1999-
July 2001

Blackboard, Inc., Washington, DC
Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer
Led design and development of multiple Internet applications using Java, Perl and JavaScript on Linux and Solaris platforms, including development of the course content management system. Developed remote catalog exchange software using JSPs, EJBs, XML, and the Weblogic application server.

Apr. 1998-
Jan. 1999

Anstec, Inc., McLean, Virginia
Senior Systems Programmer
Designed and wrote Web-based server-side and client-side software using Java, Perl, JavaScript, and CFML for UNIX and NT web servers. Served as technical lead for four-person Intranet development project.

Mar. 1992-
Apr. 1998

Orbital Sciences Corporation, Dulles, Virginia / Chandler, Arizona
Software Engineer / Associate Systems Engineer
Designed and wrote embedded real-time satellite and rocket software for encrypted communication, command and data handling, and attitude control systems. Successfully developed and implemented the world's first satellite attitude control system using the Global Positioning System.



Aug. 1987-
Dec. 1991

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
B.S. in Computer Engineering, with distinction
Engineering GPA: 3.9/4.0 Overall GPA: 3.6/4.0

Aug. 1988-
May 1989

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
Major: Electrical Engineering


Programming languages
Java, C#, Ruby, C/C++, Perl, XML, UML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, HTML, CFML, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell scripts, Expect, Assembly Languages (80x86, 68xxx, 6502, 8051, Z8000), TAL, Pascal, FORTRAN, FORTH, BASIC.
Operating Systems
Linux, UNIX (Sun Solaris, HP-UX), OS X, Microsoft Windows (2003/XP/2000/NT), DOS, TANDEM.
Web, Application, and Database Servers
Web Brick, Mongrel, Apache Tomcat, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), IBM Websphere Application Server, BEA Weblogic Application Server, Oracle Application Server, Microsoft BizTalk, JBoss, MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft Access.

Design Tools
Aptana, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Websphere Application Developer, Rational Rose, Toad, Visual Cafe, Photoshop, Microsoft Front Page, Borland C++, Borland JBuilder, Thought Cocobase.

Ruby on Rails 1.2, Active Server Pages (ASP.NET), Microsoft .NET 2.0, Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Spring, Subversion, CVS, PVCS, Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), CORBA, SOAP, REST, Swing, XML, JSON, XPlanner, Scrumworks, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Project, Visio, VMWare.


Available upon request.