editorial—March 18, 1998

Your Friends
GI can't decide which is more disgusting: Two days of revolting attempts by Clinton sycophants to annihilate the character of Kathleen Willey, or the near absence of public outrage on the issue.

Two months of presidential sex scandals are enough to numb even the most sensitive spirits, but it is incomprehensible that Americans have failed to see the fundamental difference between Willey and the presidential accusers who have come before. The story of Willey is entirely unlike those of Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones. Lewinsky was an willing participant. Jones had questionable motives. The case of Willey, however, is one of terrible betrayal of friendship.

Clinton's betrayal of his wife and friends is not a public issue. The use of tax dollars by sleazy White House underlings to publicly disembowel the honor of a wronged victim undeniably is a public issue.

Willey's story is compelling. Her delivery is credible. The President's denial is mercurial and disreputable. Clinton is lying. He knows it. She knows it. All of the White House staff knows it.

It is these Democratic minions that win the though race for the most evil of acts. Clinton is guilty as sin. He is a lame duck who is unable to pursue any meaningful agenda. Yet his underlings are willing to tear apart an innocent victim for no more lofty goals than to save their own jobs.

The same cast of characters sought to do the same thing beforeby investigating the personal lives of Special Prosecutor Ken Starr's team of lawyers. Starr's team, however, is made up of politically-oriented professional lawyers who have joined a rough-and-tumble game of their own volition. They can take care of themselves. Willey, however, did not choose to join this political blood sport. She has been dragged into the mud by a group of shallow politicians willing to sell their souls for a nickel.

President Clinton is just one man. He is not indispensable to the people of the United States. For the good of the country, if not for his cronies, it would be best if he would resign.